Out with Old, In with the New!

“I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10b

There is always something exciting about starting a new calendar year.  All of us can point to hardships and trouble from 2014 that we are more than happy to leave behind.  Within each of us is a deep desire for a new start.  No matter what transpired during 2015, we seem to have a natural desire to enter 2015 with hope for the best year ever.  Many of the events of 2015 will be out of our control – we will likely be troubled by world events, political and natural.  Hardships will most certainly enter our personal lives as well – illnesses, loss of friends and family, financial stress, mishaps, and misunderstandings.

Here is the Good News – in the face of everything that can and will go wrong in 2015, followers of Jesus can proclaim with absolute certainty that this year will be the best year ever!  In fact, Christians can confidently make this claim every year.  This is not wishful thinking.  Followers of Christ are able to grow daily in hope, peace, and love through intentional faith development.  In other words, our lives become more and more exciting as we grow closer to Christ.

At Weston United Methodist Church, we offer a number of ways for believers to make 2015 the best year ever.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Develop a plan of study. This might include a daily reading of the Bible or the Upper Room or participating in a Bible study, prayer group, or Sunday school class. Suggest topics for new classes!  Schedule a private retreat. Start a gratitude journal.
  • Develop a plan to serve. Serve as an usher or greeter. Join the Easter choir. Check out the many mission opportunities offered locally and abroad. Buy a mission t-shirt – be a walking billboard for our mission projects! Pray daily that more persons will have their lives changed by following Jesus. Send cards to those who are ill and grieving and also to those who have cause for celebration.
  • Develop a plan to worship. Approach every Sunday as if you are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus because you are! Sing like you mean it! Attend Sunday services when possible. At other times, review our service online. Every service is important – don’t miss any of them! Invite others to join you.

Together, let’s find abundant life in Christ and make 2015 the best year ever!