Let’s Color!

natureOne of the hot topics among women these days is coloring books.  There has been an explosion of coloring books designed for adults available online and in bookstores. It is a great joy for me because I have been coloring for most of my life.  As a child I loved a color book that featured kids from the Mickey Mouse Club (a tv show that first aired in 1955). I also remember a Barbie coloring book that allowed me to color my journey with her to exotic places like New York and Paris.  Like everyone else, at some point I got the message that I was “too old” to color, so my coloring was restricted to those times when I could join younger children.  Then, one day as an adult, I noticed a coloring book with stained glass designs.  It was intended for children, but I bought it for myself.  I learned to look for coloring books at museum gift shops and places that catered to tourists.  Whenever I traveled by plane, I took one of my books and box of crayons.  I got some very strange looks, but no one said anything.  Since they were strangers, I didn’t care if they knew about my secret hobby.  One day I was leading a lock-in for the youth group.  I couldn’t imagine how I would stay up all night unless I had something fun to do, so, of course, I brought my book and crayons and markers.  It wasn’t long before the whole youth group joined me and they were talking about much they missed coloring.  Then I took my crayons to the nursing homes and senior centers and discovered that they, also, missed being able to color.

I imagine that some of the people caught up in the current color trend will soon tire of it, but I am glad that people no longer feel embarrassed about an activity that reduces stress.  I am not entirely sure why it helps me, but I do think that children know a path to joy that we sometimes forget in our adulthood.  Jesus talked about receiving the kingdom like a little child.  There’s a part of me that wonders if coloring connects me to the childlike openness to creativity.  The Bible begins by telling us that God is the creator of everything.  I believe that when we create something, we are in touch with that part of the Divine.  So, I say, “Let’s color” and guys, that mean you, also!