Updated Beatitudes

We’re not sure what Jesus taught in the Temple those last days, but we can be sure that it included sayings and stories about love, forgiveness, trust, mercy, and humility. To learn any one of these lessons is life-changing.
Jesus talked a lot about how our world is different from the world that God wants. That’s why Jesus wept over Jerusalem. God wants a world of peace and love and mercy, but we can’t seem to make that happen. The words that we have from Jesus were from two thousand years ago and in an ancient language. It’s up to us to apply the teachings to this time and this place. I took a shot at writing my own version of what it’s like to today to follow Jesus:
Blessed are those recovering from injuries and surgeries because they are learning the mystery of the human body and its ability to heal.
Blessed are those grieving the loss of loved ones because they have known a love that goes beyond the grave and into eternity.
Blessed are those who speak words of encouragement to because everyone carries a physical or emotional burden not always visible to others.
Blessed are those who accept the mistakes of others without judgment, for learning from mistakes is how we grow.
Blessed are those who invest time in other people, for, at the end of the day, many people feel alone and lonely.
Blessed are those who let other people ahead of them in line because waiting develops patience and gives us time to pray.
Blessed are those who put down their electronics and step outside to bask in the glory of God’s creation – rain, ice, snow, or sun.
Blessed are those who laugh at themselves for they have learned to keep their inner child alive.
Blessed are those who have learned that the best things in life are not things, and that less is more.
Blessed are those who protect those who are being mistreated, for each of us was made in God’s image.
Blessed are those who appreciate persons of all ages, from all walks of life, for we are all children of God.
Blessed are those who forgive persons who have caused them harm, for all of us fail to love others the way we should.
Blessed are those who weather the storms of life, for it is in those times that Jesus invites us to trust Him and walk on the water.
Blessed are those who study the life of Jesus, for there is more to life than quietly waiting for death.
I invite you to write your version of what you believe it means to follow Jesus. I think it would be fun to come up with a big list. Let us choose carefully what we believe and work hard to live out those beliefs.


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